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About Best Holiday Recipes Ever!

Best Holiday Recipes Ever! is the offspring of a brain-storming session when I needed ideals for an upcoming article about cooking for the holidays. I admit blogging about food was appealing, and it even sounded fun but I wasn’t so sure I was up to the task! First, I’m not a whiz kid at blogging. Second, I’m extremely busy with my writing assignments. But, being that I am a gal who likes to cook and likes to share experience (funny to sappy stories) and recipes (good ones I would make again and again) with friends I thought why not blog about good eats! I do hope you enjoy reading as well as cooking because in this blog you will find both, hopefully both will be to your liking.

The format of this Blog the same as one of my favorite cookbooks. If you click on “Best Holiday Recipes Ever Cookbook” you will find categories, such as Breads, Main-Dishes, Side-Dishes, Desserts, etc. to find recipes in that category. A few recipes are listed in more than one category for your convenience.

It is natural, my being a writer, that I also write some short stories in the mix of recipes. I assure you this is intentionally self-serving! This blog is intended to give you a smile as well as some wonderful-good recipes. Enjoy!

Comments are welcome and appreciated.

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