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About the author of Best Holiday Recipes Ever!

By the time I was old enough to stir a pot I was in the kitchen helping Mama or one of my grannies or aunties with the cooking and baking.  I come from a long line of southern cooks, gardeners, quilters and writers.  So, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree!

I am cook-gardener-quilter-writer, but not necessarily in that alpha pecking order.  With the exception of writing, which I faithfully do each morning, the other three interest are prioritized depending on the time of year.  Spring and summer gardening, winter quilting, and so forth.  Of course, I have to tell you I am also an avid reader, my thirst for books exceeds what might be considered normal, but what is normal?   To me it is life as I live it!

Usually, I never write about cooking so this blog is great fun to do.  At least I am enjoying it!  

Quote:  “I don’t know what you can take from me, But I know what I can give you …… A Shell; And with it the sea!”  Siglinda Scarpa – artist of pottery, editor and friend

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