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August 30, 2011

fig and tequila gelato at Screme in NYC

Official site picture of fig and tequila gelato

I have searched everywhere for a recipe for Fig & Tequila Ice-Cream but came up empty handed. I think the only place you can get a scoop of this interesting combination is in NYC at Screme and then only during the month of December, apparently … Caution: this is not exactly ice-cream as you know it but a gelato (see picture) made with, figs & tequila, ergo the name ~~~ Screme advertized this delight last December as (and I quote here) “You’ve made it halfway through the month! Time to give your liver a break (well, sort of) with a couple hair-of-the-dog scoops“. A good idea? I guess if you are weathering NYC shopping plus NYC weather in the month of December and you need a drink to get you through to the next round of book stores and shops.

I did not know this but each day during December Screme’s Bar delivers up a festive drink. Kind of sounds like fun to me and if I drank like a sailor I’d spend some coins at Screme and taste a few combinations but the fact is I don’t drink hard liquor and rarely enjoy a small glass of good wine. But, if you are interested and in NYC during the holidays I will tell you that the normal small will cost you a fiver ($5), a medium $7 and a large $9.

Anyway, if in NYC during the holidays and you feel the need to imbibe to reduce your swollen tootsies Screme is at 2030 Broadway between 69th and 70th Sts, and at 242 W 42nd St between Seventh and Eighth Aves; you can also visit them at

I have added Screme to my 100 things to do list before I die….it is included with shopping at Strand book store and to ice skate at Rockefeller Center which will be done to my joy or detriment this coming December.

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