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Nothing like a Holiday to get your BBQ on! But, to me this holiday about so much more…

May 30, 2011

Memorial Day weekend in 1969 is when my second daughter made her blessed arrival at George AFB in California.  I’d sent her father to work knowing full well I was in the early stages of birthing our second child.  No need for his face to be in my way when I needed to finish up some ironing and wipe out the oven!  Then after a few more things not mentioned here were finished, I was ready to call Bobby back from the base to rush me to the delivery room.  And I do mean rush for by the time he was carrying me to the on-base hospital,  I was well advanced in the birthing process.  Had I made a miscalculation? 

Still, I was not concerned, not me!  I’d done this before and was arrogant enough not to worry!  (we all make mistakes)

After being settled in by a red-headed male nurse I recognized from high school, of all places and of all people, a no-nonsense dark headed woman-nurse who I’d hate to meet in a dark alley under less friendly circumstances gave me a good check and the call went out for the doctor to come like now, Sir!  She was not kidding . . . apparently neither was my newest! 

After a few attempts to contact the doctor by phone the red-headed ‘chum’ was sent running to roust the doctor, stat!  They both returned red-faced and panting, the doctor in shorts, untied tennis shoes and a rather bold and unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt.  Apparently, Sam had to open the front door . . . and call out as he walked through to the back “twinkle-lights” lit patio where he found the doctor with wife and with phone off the hook!  I’ll let your imagination take over as to why.  At least wine was not involved and the doctor with steady hands delivered our second wee-one. 

As it turned out my old high school chum was a wonderfully talkative addition to the quiet hospital room I was given after delivery and we had some really great conversations.  I’ll always remember how he loved the tiny fingers on my newest.

Now, I’m telling yous that Memorial Day weekend for most folks is all about respectful remembrances while holding a plate of yum BBQ in one hand and a beer in the other but for me it is about so much more than hot dogs and potato salad.  I look at my darling girl and I remember a bold printed shirt peeking out of an untied green gown and a birth that came so quickly it surprised a red-headed old high school friend — all of us truth be told.

Memorial Day is about a lot of things to a lot of people but for me it is and forever will be about the birthing of my daughter.

(next week I’ll be back with some ‘food and such’ but for this one holiday; no need for me to tell yous how to grill a hot dog!)

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