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Vegan dishes

May 20, 2011
The Vegan Stoner
 You might be asking this question: “Who is The Vegan Stoner?”
 Let me share what they write about themselves>>>>>

“The Vegan Stoner was created under the premise that vegan cooking can be made without extensive ingredient lists and involved recipes, that recipes are only templates and the creativity starts in the kitchen.

Simple Gestures Design Studio

Vegan designers Sarah Conrique and Graham I. Haynes create the recipes and illustrations at their studio, Simple Gestures. There they produce designs for a diverse clientele while continuing work on The Vegan Stoner, the official cook book.”

Notice: The content of The Vegan Stoner [above this line and below this line] is >>> Copyright © 2010-2011 Simple Gestures.  So please give credit where credit is due by not re-posting without this information.  It’s only fair, y’all.

Here are four recipes that prove my point! >>>>
continue to another recipe>>>>
and yet another>>>>
and the last one in their post I’m sharing with you>>>>
Now, don’t you agree with me that Vegan isn’t something to shy away from because you think it will be too expensive?  And, it is tasty.  Enjoy!
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