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Praise-Worthy Cookies

February 15, 2011

Savannah, Georgia is one of those places steeped in southern heritage. Southern cooking heritage that rains supreme this is. Sorry Granny but Paula Deen makes a better pecan pie and she is, after all, a Savannahan. So is Annette Rock and Amanda Cannon, two Savannahans’ who came up with the idea of opening a cookie shop while cheering on their daughters during school activities.

Their shop Two Smart Cookies opened in 2003 and has grown into a successful small business featured in Southern Living, Country Living, Cooking with Paula Deen as well as appearances on national television (Food Network, CNN’s Headline News).

What seems so incredible to me is that each Iced Cutout (cookie) is hand iced and decorated before being put out for sale or shipped, arriving in the cutest boxes to delight grandchildren with cutouts of insects and mermaids and a gazillion other shapes.  See picture to the right>>>>>>>

Pretty amazing isn’t it? These cookies are not sprayed! No way, they are hand frosted just like you would do in your own kitchen.

But sugar cutout cookies is not the only offerings this delightful shop has. The chocolate chip and oatmeal scotchies are simply too delicious for words. This I know from a trip to Savannah two years ago.  OMG-osh, I thought I’d gone to heaven and told my friend Becky just to wake me up when God came to decide if I could stay or not.

I am always excited to pass along something good to my readers.  Remember the next big holiday is March 17th. Believe me when I say I will be ordering early for this one! Hey, for under ten dollars all my grandchildren can have a real treat. A treat which Granny did not slave in a hot kitchen for, if you know what I mean.  I mean there comes a time guys when you hang up the apron and take out the debit card and just go for it!

Check them out at:

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